Days of action COPy & Waste

In the first half of November, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference
will take place in Glasgow, Scotland. Again, it is foreseeable that
there will be a lot of talking – but by far not enough decided to stop
the catastrophic global warming. Therefore we call for direct action
days during this period! Our slogan: “COPy&Waste” – because nothing can
be expected from capitalism and nation states at the 26th conference.

More information, you find below and always up to date on twitter.

Stuff for mobilisation

We have printed beautiful flyers and posters for the action days – if
you can distribute them in your city, we would be very happy! Send us an
email with your address (preferably encrypted). You can find all contact
information here.

How to participate?

For the 1st half of November we call for self-organized small group
actions. That means, there is no big action you can come to – but you,
your friends and affinity groups, plan your own action. You can put it
publicly in the context of the action days. If you lack know-how or
ideas, you can write to us or visit our workshops & webinars (see below).

Workshop & Webinars

In the run-up to the Action Days, we will be holding various workshops
and webinars, e.g. on the topics of press relations or organizing small
group actions.

Saturday, 25th of September, 2pm: “How-to-do-a-small-group-action”

You, your affinity group or some friends want to start an action – but you don’t know how and where to start? Than this Workshop is for you! Important hints and information on organizing small group actions and planning direct actions.

The Webinar takes place online:

You will find more dates here soon.

Action rally

Another way to support the action days is to organize an action rally!
You publicly advertise a meeting place, small groups of activists come
there without preparation and get small tasks from you. They then walk
through the city/region and try to complete as many tasks as possible
that also spread the message of climate justice.

There is a ready-made concept for the action rallies, which we will
gladly pass on to you! Just write to us.


From October 31 to November 12, the 26th Conference of the Parties
(COP26) will bring together heads of state and business leaders from
around the world to discuss the future of climate and environmental
policy. The COP26 declaration letter claims that economic growth and
averting the climate crisis go hand in hand.

This lie could hardly be more absurd, since it is precisely our economic
system that is fuelling the climate crisis to a large extent. The
constant pressure to grow dictated by capitalism and the exploitation of
people, animals and the environment are destroying our livelihood. The
climate catastrophe cannot be solved in a capitalist system!

Already last year we called for days of action. But the climate
catastrophe continues to race ahead and also the COP will not change
anything. In 26 years, not a single binding climate protection pledge
has been made there. COPy & waste is our conclusion about the COP26.

Economic fake solutions, like emissions trading, are staged there again
and again as “innovative” and “sustainable”. And it is precisely this
that makes it clear that large institutions are unable to come up with
comprehensive and radical solutions. They suggest improvements, but this
is precisely what tempts people to relinquish responsibility.

This is exactly what we can no longer accept!

Instead of standing by and watching, we want to become active ourselves
and take responsibility. That is why we call for decentralized actions
parallel to COP26. Organize yourselves. Be loud, be resistant, be creative!

To help you prepare, we offer workshops and webinars (more information
on the homepage).