The struggle for climate continues – so does the campaign Zucker im Tank!

An eventful year of 2018 is lying behind us. Especially the incredible movement created by the coal clique’s attempts to evict Hambi has put a big smile on many faces. It’s important to keep in mind that this huge, positive social reference has applied to an autonomous forest occupation. An occupation that had crossed the lines of governmentally conceded, legal protest in numerous cases. There have been occupations, technical blockades, direct attacks on infrastructure for evictions, lock-ons, tunnel, a stunning kitchen infrastructure, solidarity actions all around the world and much more.

Last autumn, the diversity of tactics was successfully used, and there was no need to face overhasty stand-offs.

Then, in the beginning of February 2019, the so-called “Kohle-Komission” (“coal committee”) presented their results – and once again we experienced why you shouldn’t hope for or expect anything useful from pacification mechanisms like this. 2038 is supposed to be a result created by a broad social consensus. It’s obvious that this maneuver is rather meant to pacify a conflict that’s about to outgrow the ruling officials. The NGOs played their part in it and apparently didn’t hesitate to provide this plan of disaster with the necessary legitimation.

Now it’s up to us to show that the fight for climate justice won’t be filed away like this.

Affinity group actions are going to take over an important role in this.

We’re still highly in favor of spreading the readiness and a good preparation for these actions; for well-prepared you can achieve more. Our offer of workshops is held open and has been extended by some topics. We’re looking forward to receive requests for support!

Furthermore, we want to continue being present at various camps and offering consultations for affinity group actions there.

Our focus will stay on coal/lignite, but we’d like to try to support actions beyond that.

The ones most affected by climate change are causing the least of it. That’s why the struggle around the climate is at the same time a feminist, anti-racist, anti-state and anti-capitalist struggle, a struggle of class and against animal exploitation and militarism. To say things short: a struggle against authority in general.

Respect existence or expect resistance!