The struggle for climate goes into the next round – so does the campaign Zucker im Tank!

2017 the anti-coal movement has achieved much. The action days in summer were diverse and successfull. In November, small groups were able to shut down a power plant and the cuttings in Hambacher Forest were stopped for the first time.

We want to get on with this and continue supporting groups in their actions against coal. After the united actions last year, the movement will organise more decentrally this year, opening an ideal playground for direct and communicative actions – anywhere and anytime.

There will be many actions and camps this year over the whole of Europe! We want to contribute to this by being a supportive structure for small group actions. Therefore we will be present on some camps.

Last summer there had been many people who had organised spontaneously to make small group actions. We were very glad about this! Still, we think that with a good preparation you can do more. We now have a broader set of workshops about action, organisation of small groups and other practical skills. We are looking forward to receive requests from you!

We want to keep our focus on coal/ lignite but also want to support other actions and connect struggles. Climate change is most strongly affecting those that have produced least of it. Therefore, the struggle for climate for us also is a feminist, antiracist, anti-state and anti capitalist struggle, a class struggle and a struggle against animal exploitation and militarism. Or short: a fight against authority in general.

On these webpages you find infos about when and where there will be actions this year, how you can contribute and how we can support you.