In the last few years, we – the persons behind the campaign “Zucker im Tank” – have compiled a programme of skill-shares on topics that we consider to be important or underrepresented within the climate justice movement. Our main goal is to encourage persons to organize themselves so they can offer resistance by self-empowering, manifold actions. We don’t see ourselves as experts but rather imagine our workshops as an opportunity to share knowledge and skills with each other.
We support you in your action ideas by consultation and by workshops. The latter are supposed to impart the skills you need in order to do your own actions: the preparations as well as the post-processing. Therefor we offer the workshops listed underneath. Feel free to invite us!
One of our goals is the connection of different struggles. That’s why we’re especially happy if our knowledge is also applied apart from directly climate-connected struggles and if – the other way around – we get opportunities to learn from other movements.
You can contact us any time if you’d like to host one of the workshops in your region or at your camp. We’re happy to travel (almost) everywhere as referees!

How to do an affinity group action

Which kinds of affinity group actions (from political chalk painting to blocking diggers) are possible? How could such an action look like and what jobs are there to do? This skill-share is supposed to impart the skills necessary for planning an action and putting it into practice.

/Duration: 3 hours/

How do we manage to stay active?

You are politically active and like to think about a perspective that goes beyond your studies/training? You have to keep pushing yourself to stay politically active despite all the other things that are so nice? In this workshop we want to look at ourselves as well as social dynamics that make it difficult or possible for us to stay politically active. This workshop is for all people who see themselves as activists or politically active in some way. We will reflect on how we came to be here today and look ahead to how we envision our futures.

/ -Duration: 3 hours /

Press work for affinity groups

How do we present our message to the media? With basic information and practical exercises we try to give you an impression of how your own press work could look like.

/Duration: 3 hours/

Coal infrastructure in the Rhineland

This workshop is about the exact process of lignite production: starting at the digger in the mine, explaining the work of conveyor belts and coal trains and ending at the power plant. Explore the Rhenish brown coal field! What do the surroundings look like, where are possible places for actions, how do you move around without being discovered?

/Duration: 1-3 hours/

Dealing with confinement

This workshop gives an overview of possible procedures from being arrested to an imprisonment. We’ll discuss different strategies for dealing with cops and spending time in solitary cells.

/Duration: 2 hours/

How to do a lock-on action

Chaining yourself to something with a so-called “lock-on” construction can help to extend a blockade. This workshop gives an overview of how such an action can look like, of the material you need and of the jobs there are to do. Furthermore, we’ll talk about emotional stress and how we can deal with it.

/Duration: 2.5 hours/

Building lock-ons

Small additives can contribute to a successful action. Some blockades can be extended in duration if you use technical devices to attach yourself to something or someone. What opportunities are there and how do you practically build a lock-on?

Anarchism – theory and practical experience

A short introduction to the wide world of anarchism. Together we’ll discuss the different meanings this term can have and the contradictions anarchism holds. The workshop tries to give a small overview of this controversial theory, including past ideas as well as current practice.

/Duration: 2.5hours/

Violence – meaning and usage

The term „violence“ is often used. But what are we actually talking about? Together we want to reflect on different forms of violence that are surrounding us. We’ll talk about militancy, civil disobedience and “non-violent” behavior. How is the term used to split movements? Let’s try to find new instances for reviewing our own actions – in a way that gives us freedom to decide which action suit us.

/Duration: 2 hours/

“Go surveil yourselves!“ – security culture in grassroot groups

This workshop gives a first overview of different methods to spy upon activists. Together we’ll collect counteractions and techniques of protection against surveillance. Furthermore, we’ll discuss the sense of different strategies in different situations: how can we stay safe and still prevent paranoia that would keep us from working?

/Duration: 1.5-2.5hours/

Denial of personal data

In some actions it can be useful (or wanted as an action form by itself) to refuse giving the own personal data. We’ll talk about strategies for hiding the own identity from the cops as effectively as possible.

/Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours/

Presentation: „Leading a good life in dept“

Please note: this presentation refers to German laws. In other states the situation might be different.
Civil lawsuits with unaffordable amounts are an effective repression tool. But it is possible to have a good life ignoring oustanding dept with a capital disclosure. In this presentation we talk about how you can prepare yourself and what is important to have in mind when you expect high demands of money that you don‘t want to pay.

/Duration: 2.5 hours/