We prepared different kind of workshops, about media, prison, the surrounding in the Rhineland and about action material. Feel free to contact us if you need translation into english. We like that people empower themselves to get the necessary knowledge and skills for making direct actions. Therefore we will organise skillshares in together with other groups in different cities. We want to exhange knowledge about actions, organising in small groups and practical skills.

How to do a small group action

Which (also low-threshold) small group actions are possible? How can such an action look like and which tasks are there? The workshop is supposed to communicate skills for planning your own actions.

Using Smartphones securely

Find out how to use digital technology in action without harming yourself.

Custody Workshop

We offer a workshop on custody in Germany. We think this topic is important because repression is not declining. This workshop will allow you to benefit from experiences of others and reflect yourself.


Area Workshop

At the area workshop we introduce you to the specialities of the Rhineland coal infrastructure. We explain the territory, show how coal excavation infrasctucture is built, how a coal pit is shaped etc.


Workshop on Handcraft

An action sometimes needs practical tools to work. In this workshop we give you practical help on building helpful items.


Press Workshop

During the Action days the media will be focussing on us. In this skillshare we want to consider how we can deal with the press and – if we want – how to work with media and / or the press.