Basic Workshop – How to organize an action in affinity groups?

Which kinds of (also low-threshold) affinity group actions are possible? How could such an action look like and what jobs are there to do? This workshop shows the diversity of forms of action and is supposed to impart the skills to plan your own action.

Public relations work for affinity groups

How can you transfer your message to the media? With basic information and practicable exercises we want to give you an impression of how your own public relation work could look like.

Infrastructure of lignite industry in the rhineland

This workshop is about the different steps of lignite extraction: From digging in the open pit over conveyor belts and coal trains to the energy plant. Get to know the rhineish coal area? How does it look like? What are possible spots for actions? How can you move without being discovered?

Ways of dealing with custody

This workshop gives an overview of possible procedures from being arrested to an imprisonment. We discuss different strategies of how to deal with cops and how to spend time in solitary cells.

Saver use of action smartphones

How can we use digital technic in action without unnecessarily endangering our security. Which Apps can be utile and when is precaution overstated? (Please note: This workshop is not about private phones but mobiles used in actions or for structural work)

Lock-On actions

To lock yourself on to something can help to extend a blockade. Therefore, this workshop gives an overview of how such an action can look like, what material do you need and what jobs are there to do? Furthermore, we talk about emotional stress and how we can deal with it.

Anarchy in theory and praxis

Together we discuss the basic idea of an anarchist society. Is it about an utopia we can aspire or a daily practice? What problems or contradictions do we see in the theory and what realization are there already?

What means “violence“?

The term „violence“ is often used. But what are we actually talking about? Together we want to reflect on different form of violence that are surrounding us. How is the term used to split movements and what can we do to prevent this?

“Surveil yourself!“ – Security culture in grassroot groups

This workshop gives a first idea of methods how activist can be spied upon. Together we collect countermeasures and technic of protection against surveillance. What is useful and how can we prevent paranoia to still be capable of work?

Identity denial

In some actions it might be useful to deny the disclose of your personal data. Together we discuss what ways there are to keep your identity from cops. When can this be a reasonable strategy and what disadvantages does it have?

„Good life with dept“ (Presentation)

Civil lawsuits with unpayable amounts are an effective repression tool. But it is possible to have a good life ignoring oustanding dept with a capital disclosure. In this presentation we talk about how you can prepare yourself and what is important to have in mind when you expect high demands of money that you don‘t want to pay.