Locked-down but uprising

Action Day for Affinity-Group-Action of all kinds on the 7th/8th of August!

Because of Corona, many actions and camps in the summer will not take place. But the climate crisis continues, and the fight against it is mor important than ever. Fortunately, small affinity-group-actions are possible also during the pandemic – and that’s why there is our decentral action day!

What can I do?

Prepare your own Affinity-Group-Action – about your topic, following your plan and together with your friends. Helpful information you can find in our webinars, and you can also write us directly for questions.

How to support?

Besides our instead of an action, you can do more for the action day to be a success. Write us your adress, and we’ll send you Posters, Flyers and Stickers (unfortunately only in german), so you can spread the word. Tell your friends about #LockeddownbutUprising. Follow and us on Social Media and spread our posts (see: Where to get Updates?). The organizing also costs a lot of money – support us with a donation. –> Donation Account

Where to get updates?

Important information will be published on this web-page, so check it regularly and directly before the action. Up-to-date info can also be found on mastodon and twitter (mainly in german).

EA – Legal Support Crew

During the Action Days (7th/8th of August), there will be a centralized EA (Legal Support Team). You should call there if you are subject of police actions, you witness an arrest or you need any kind of legal support. We will publish the phone number here and on social media.

Because of the many different laws in the german federal states or other countries, the EA is not able to prepare for exactly your situation. Also to bring you in contact with local lawyers may be difficult. If possible, therefore organize your own EA for your action. Write us – we’ll support you doing this.

If you want to plan the centralized EA, please write us (encrypted!), in which Federal State or Country your action will take place, so we can prepare ourselves.

Action scavenger-hunts in your city

You’re into the action day, but you don’t have the time to prepare an action beforehand? Our you want to start steady? Then, the scavenger hunts could be the right thing for you!

In several cities, groups will offer starting points. You can fetch activist-tasks there, and you get all important information. Then, you’ll move through your city and fulfill you tasks – as creative and resistant, as you like.

The participating cities will be published here. Also follow the news (mainly in German) on Twitter and Mastodon.

You’re really keen on having an scavenger hunt in your city? Then, just organize the starting point yourself! The action day offers lots of infrastructure, so it’s not that much of an effort.;-) Just write us: zuckerimtank@riseup.net

Why all that? The call-out

We invite you to be part of the action days Aufstand mit Abstand on 7th and 8th August 2020! With decentralized affinity-group actions we will show that the topics climate crisis and capitalism have not lost their urgency.

The news coverage has been dominated by one thing in the past months: Corona. The connections between the pandemic and capitalism, climate change and social injustice are mostly missing. And what is also missing are the desperately needed political actions, that would be required to improve people‘s lifes and slow down the climate crisis.

One thing is clear: We do not want to return to the status quo before Corona. In the past few months we have seen that rapid changes in people‘s behaviour, in economy and politics are possible. Such changes are also necessary when adressing climate change. Let us finally treat the climate crisis like a crisis!

Whether in energy production, agriculture, animal industry or mobility – we need drastic changes to slow down the effects of climate change.

We call for many decentralized affinity-group actions on the 7th and 8th August! Change needs to come from below, so let‘s bring our protest on the streets, shout our demands, our wishes and our fears at the politicians or take change into our own hands!

Be creative and colourful and choose the types of actions that feel right to you. Let us be diverse and impossible to ignore!

Let us save the climate and overcome capitalism!

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, problems or the need for inspiration! Share your actions on social media using #AufstandMitAbstand and write to zuckerimtank@riseup.net to be included in the press overview on our website.


We have transformed two of our workshops into webinars. If you want to organize one of these webinars for your group, contact us via mail: zuckerimtank@riseup.net

We also offer our webinars public, on fixed dates. To join, pleas write an e-mail to zuckerimtank@riseup.net, subject: “Anmeldung Webinar [date of webinar] [topic of Webinar]”. You will then receive all important information via e-mail. Please Note: All public webinars will be in german! Contact us if you and your group need an english webinar.

Fixed Dates:

Press-work for affinity-group actions:
Tuesday, 30.06. 11 am
Wednesday, 08.07. 11 am

How to do a affinity group action:
Wednesday, 24.06., 10 am
Monday, 29.06., 6 pm
Sunday, 05.07., 11 am
Monday, 06.07., 6 pm
Thursday, 09.07., 6 pm

Short description of the webinars:

Presswork for affinity groups 2 h 30 min

How can we actively work to ensure that our actions and campaigns appear in the press? How can we get our message out so it is heard? What is important when giving an interview and what should be included in the press release? With this workshop we want to shed light on the basic functioning of media and exchange ideas on how to deal with journalists.

Extended Edition: This webinar can also be offered in a longer, more in-depth version of 3 h 15 min, including a half-hour break. Here all participants learn how to write press releases and give interviews and do not have to choose between the two practical parts.

How to do an affinity group action 2 h 30 min

What are affinity group actions and which affinity group actions (from spray chalk action to digger blockade) are possible? What do I have to consider in the preparation of such an action and what tasks are there to distribute? The webinar is designed to teach the skills necessary to plan and carry out your own actions.

This webinar is especially suitable if you are still looking for inspiration for your actions for the action day Resistance with Distance on August 7th and 8th.